Not eating the right foods to support intense activity only holds you back. These basic 5 rules of nutrition form the foundation for success.

The main thing to understand is that nutrition is the most important part for you to reach your fitness goals.

Without a good nutrition plan you will be wasting your efforts, seeing only slow results or even worse no results at all.

Rule One: Balance in your food

There is the famous chicken and broccoli diet plan. But can you eat only that? You need to find a balance mixing different kind of food. Let say 80% to 90% of your diet will be strict, but allow yourself 10% to 20% of a few of your favorite food. Being too restrictive, can take a huge toll on your metabolism.

Whatever the perfect mix is for you, make sure you keep a balance of nutritious foods that fuel your body and mind.

Rule Two: Be realistic

For long term success, your nutrition plan must match to your needs. A diet too hard to maintain or creates undue pressure isn’t realistic for a long shot.

Being realistic means you set smalls, achievable goals and habits.

Rule Three: Know your goals

You need to know where you are going. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve and what is your timeline. You must be able also to identify your strengths and weaknesses, for you to play them to your advantage.

Rule Four: Prioritize protein

Protein is your best friend in nutrition. On average, your protein intake should be between 0.8-1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean bodyweight.

Fat and carbs intake can be modified according to your diet and work

out, protein intake should remain relatively constant.


Rule Five: Carb control

Carb that might be a word you heard often at the gym. Some love it, some hate it. Because carbs can make or break your physique.

The real question is not how many carbs you should eat but how many carbs your body can tolerate.

Each individual is different; you just need to find out how is this workout for you.

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