Lunch Break Workout

You’ve got an hour for lunch. Like a lot of us, it may not be convenient or possible for you to skip out to the gym. Instead, change into those sneakers and give this 20-minute circuit a try:

Minute 0-5, (or “A1”): perform as many rounds as possible of:

- 10 bench or chair dips (find something sturdy! Aka. not your rolling desk chair)
- 10 sit ups
- 10 bodyweight squats.

Minute 6-10, or (“A2”): perform as many rounds as possible of:

- 30-second plank
- 30 bicycle kicks
- 30 lunges (15 each leg)

Minute 11-15: Repeat A1
Minute 16-20: Repeat A2

Try it now!

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