How to start Kettlebell?

Did you see them at the club? These strange shape looking weights? Yes you are right we are talking about Kettlebell today. Many saw them but few use them in their workout, more of us should incorporate Kettlebell in traditional workout to give some variations to our training and HIIT as well.

How to use Kettlebell in your workout?

  • As a supplement to your workout, you can add it at the beginning or at the end of your workout to burn extra calories and work more muscle groups.
  • As a part of your workout, Kettlebell swing can be done before your Squat session to warm your muscle up and prepare your body to your heavy squat. Many other options for each muscle group that you are targeting.
  • Circuit training /HIIT training, one awesome thing with Kettlebell is that they don't require much space, with a few different size and weights of Kettlebell you can create a full body circuit training that will work a lot on your cardio as well.

What is the good Kettlebell weight for me?

We will give you an idea and what you should get depend on your gender, and fitness condition but of course it will depend on you when you will be using it. Too light, then try the next one. Too heavy or bad form, get  back down to a lower weight.

5 to 10 lbs. For Women who just start Kettlebell training

10 to 15 lbs. For Women who already have some basic of Kettlebell training or Men who just  start.

20 to 25 lbs. For Fit Women or Men who already  have some basic of Kettlebell training

30 lbs. and more. For Fit people already used to Kettlebell training and techniques.

Get you interested? Want to know more about it?

Ask our Personal Trainer at the club they will give you some tips on how to start or improve your Kettlebell sessions.

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