Top Fitness Trends 2018

After some researches, reading different articles we end up listing what could be the Fitness Trends 2018.


A high intensity interval training (HIIT) session usually only lasts 30 minutes or less, but requires short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a slower-paced recovery period. For instance, you might sprint as hard as you can for 15 to 30 seconds and then walk for 45 to 60 seconds. You’d alternate between the two for a set amount of time

 There’s a reason people can’t get enough of it: The workouts are time efficient and effective if you’re looking to burn fat, research suggests.

One catch, though. Fitness pros don’t love recommending HIIT to their clients, since it has a higher rate of injury, according to the ACSM.


Fitness classes have been around forever, but they’re making their mark this year. The ACSM defines group training as a workout of five or more people led by an instructor. The possibilities are endless: bootcamps, boxing, cycling, and rowing would all make the cut.

These classes are designed to teach you something new, motivate you, and help you reach your fitness goals, the ACSM says.


Because there are so many styles, yoga trends are constantly changing, says the ACSM, which gets people excited.

If you want to see better results in the weight room, then you need to work on your mobility, and getting a bit bendy during yoga is a great way to do that. Stretching just feels good, too.


“Functional fitness is defined as using strength training to improve balance, coordination, force, power, and endurance to enhance someone’s ability to perform activities of daily living,” the ACSM says.

Think of it this way: Lifting groceries, walking up the stairs, and moving furniture around all require muscle. The deadlift, for example, is a functional exercise because you use your entire body—your arms, legs, and core—when you’re picking something up, like a heavy moving box.

Functional fitness helps you replicate the movements you perform in daily life, so that way, you’ll feel strong outside of the gym, too.

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