The Repss Benefits and Tips


THE REPSS is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, it gives you a total body workout. It’s a total body workout from your lower body till your upper body and arms.

I will just explain to the points of the BENEFITS from THE REPSS class if you do it regularly:

§  Sculpts lean muscle through high reps with lighter weights

§  Builds muscle to help burn more calories

§  Elevates your heart rate to burn calories

§  Helps with coordination

§  Get toned, lean of your muscles really quick

§  Takes the intimidation out of weight lifting for anyone who wants an introduction

§  Increase your fitness level/endurance and strength

I resumed some of the questions that might be you have in your mind right now:

Q: Can someone who’s never lifted weights before still try a class?

A: Absolutely.  They would need to start on very light weights and increase steadily.  Let the instructor know that you are the “newcomer” and to be sure they will help you and guide with a lot of options for beginner.

Q: How many calories do you burn during a THE REPSS class?

A: 540 calories.

Q: How often should I do THE REPSS class?

A: Two to three times per week is ideal.


Q: How do I select the correct amount of weight for each track?

A: The instructor will guide you as to what weight to lift every track.  They will know the movements and the difficulty of the track to advise the correct weight to lift.

Q: Is there anything people new to THE REPSS should know?

A: THE REPSS is a strong, fun and rewarding class and does not require a whole heap of coordination.  Simple movement patterns and exercises for the entire body without adding bulky muscles focusing on getting lean and increasing strength. Anyone at any fitness level or experience can do the class.



  • Check your posture - your core is the foundation of all exercise.
  • Focus on learning the right technique from the beginning.
  • Don't overdo the weights - establish technique then gradually increase.
  • Don’t be afraid too to increase the weight while it’s necessary
  • Be controlled and smooth with your movements - avoid jerking.
  • Don't lock your joints - keep them slightly bent.
  • Focus on the muscles you're working and stabilize the others.
  • Listen to your body; it will tell you if you're not doing the exercise right.


pref: AFAA manual book

By Nicholas GX Manager at  The Place Gym



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